Full Stack Developer. Data Scientist. All-Round Hacker.

So let's talk about all the cool stuff I've been working on!

As a full stack developer and data scientist, my experience ranges across the stack. I currently maintain Sambal SOS, an aid data crowdsourcing platform with over 30,000 users, while working on NLP research.

I build, scale and deploy powerful and scalable web applications, APIs and deep learning models.

Technical Stack:

Javascript + Web

Typescript (React.js, Redux, MobX, Next.js, React Native), Node.js (Express.js, Nest.js, Apollo)

HTML/CSS (Chakra UI, Ant Design), PHP, Dart (Flutter)

Cloud + Databases

Heroku, Google Cloud

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Web Development

Building the Web of Tomorrow

Working with modern CSS, powerful frontend and backend frameworks, here are a bunch of breakout projects I've worked on.

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Sambal SOS

Technical Stack: React.js, Node.js, Express.js, GCP, PostgreSQL

Crowdsourcing aid data across the nation. An open-source, dynamic, real-time web app with over 30,000 users. Quickly went viral in the Malaysian community, has over 1000 flags reported in the past year and was featured in over 20 major national and international publications.

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Full Stack Content Management System

Technical Stack: MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js)

A blogging platform with a React-powered frontend and a Express API with a dashboard, extensibility to comment, search etc. Built purely from the ground up.

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Technician Dispatch and Auto-routing PWA Suite

Technical Stack: MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js(Redux), Node.js)

A PWA frontend that collects complaints regarding vending machines with a chatbot and provides an administrator and technician interfaces, with a powerful Node server that employs a custom distance-matrix algorithm to calculate the nearest technician for each job and dispatches them.

Built as a 72 Hour hackathon project and was the winner of the bounty challenge.

Hall of Geeks

Hall of Geeks - A Platform to Build and Share Resources

Technical Stack: PostgreSQL, Express.js, React.js(Redux), Node.js

A resource building and sharing web app that ships with a drag and drop editor for users to build and share resources. Operates on a modern UI, with dark mode flexibility, Redux, OAuth and more. This project is actively under development.

Hall of Geeks

Press Release Management Web App

Technical Stack: PostgreSQL, Node.js(Express.js)

A web application to manage the approval and posting of press releases by delegates in a Model UN simulation of the Dewan Rakyat.

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Freelance Frontend Development

Built a whole bunch of landing pages both for clients and for fun!

These include one for a shipping company, for the developer student club within the campus, etc.

Machine Learning

Walking through the entire pipeline, all the way to building and training powerful deep learning models.

A bunch of things data-related.

Hybrid Linear Attention Transformers for Industrial Text Scoring

Technical Stack: Tensorflow, Pytorch, Huggingface, Google Cloud

An industrial research project that aims to automate the adherence scoring of annual reports using high performance neural models. Trained a hybrid framework that consists of LSTMs, linear attention transformers such as Longformer/Big Bird and keyword attention for rubric injection

Publication pending

Semantically Segmented Neural Style Transfer

Technical Stack: Tensorflow, Pytorch, OpenCV, Flask, Streamlit

Trained a semantic segmentation model and integrated it into a style transfer pipelines that styles different parts of the image differently for visually stunning outputs.

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Common Sans

Technical Stack: React.js, Flask, Tensorflow

Credit Profile Analysis reinvented with Natural Language Processing. Analysing the online presence of an SME by grabbing interactions on various platforms via scraping and open source APIs and using sentiment analysis to aggregate a score.

Wrote a Flask server that deploys crawlers to scrape the relevant platforms, aggregates them and utilises custom NLP pipelines

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Crops and Caffeine

Technical Stack: Python, Pandas, scikit-learn

Series of notebooks exploring the complete pipeline from cleaning all the way to modelling. Studied the global agricultural industry, and how it's changed over the years, the positions of large economies, and what the future might look like.

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#snydercut Tweets Sentiment Analysis

Technical Stack: Python, NLTK, Gensim

Natural Language Processing Project that processes tweets, analyses sentiments, does NER, generates word clouds, etc.

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Automating with bots and scripts that make the many tedious everyday tasks easier.

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Email Blast Automation

Technical Stack: Node.js, Express.js, Nodemailer, MongoDB, EJS

A Node.js application that blasts emails to members of a mailing list, templating through HTML emails. Comes with a web application that provides an alternative to drafting emails, through a WYSIWYG editor as opposed to the command line tool.

Currently used by the local DSC as the primary communication tool.

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News Scraper Discord Bot

Technical Stack: Python, Discord.py, BeautifulSoup, Selenium

A Discord Bot that aggregates news from various sources, including scraping news websites, calling open source APIs, etc. and delivering them through a Discord bot. Filters via categories and exposes them through various commands.

DSC@MMU Server Bot

Technical Stack: Python, Discord.py, Google APIs

A Native Bot that performs member verification, delivers key links, runs a confessions page, etc.

A team effort, along with the technical team.

Education and Experience

All The Stuff That's Happened Since

Undergraduate Researcher in Natural Language Processing | Fusionex x Multimedia University

August 2021 - Present

Worked as a software engineer at a startup.
  • An ongoing industrial research project that aims to automate the adherence checking of annual reports through a novel hybrid framework, encompassing LSTMs, keyword attention and modern linear attention transformers such as the Longformer and BigBird, using Huggingface transformers, Pytorch and Tensorflow.
  • Trained high performance text scoring models on GCP compute clusters as part of final year research

Full Stack Developer | Lava X (Part Time)

May 2021 - August 2021

Worked as a software engineer at a startup.
  • Worked primarily on a Content Management System for an e-commerce platform using Typescript, React (Next.js), Nest.js and GraphQL
  • Wrote production ready React components and integrated them with the backend server, while adhering to standardised Git and CI/CD workflows

Software Engineer | Part Time

October 2020 - November 2020

Worked as a software engineer at a startup.
  • Integration work between the frontend Flutter application and backend API for a fitness application.
  • Worked on a Nodejs RESTful API and a React frontend for an accounting platform
  • Fixed CSS bugs on e-commerce platform.

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) in Data Science | CGPA: 3.99/4.00

2019-2022 | MMU

Consecutively On The Dean's List and on track for first class honours

Extracurricular Involvement
  • Lead @ Developer Student Clubs
  • I lead the Google Developer community on campus and organised hackathons, talks and workshops for Python, Flutter, Full Stack Web Development, Javascript and machine learning.

    I build and maintain the tools we use on a daily basis while also contributing to workshop content. Tools I built include a server to custom blast emails, a website to recruit members, while also coordinating a full team of developers across the frontend and the backend.

  • President @ Hackerspace MMU
  • Running a hacker-maker group within the university, organised weekly meetups and hackathons

  • Head of External Outreach @ IT Society
  • Managing the outreach team that is responsible for coordinating with external parties and managing the social platforms on a weekly basis.

  • Secretary @ Hackerspace MMU
  • A Local Hackermaker Group, embracing the culture of self-initiated projects. Part of my responsibilities include the documentation of sessions.

Foundation in IT | CGPA: 4.00/4.00

2018-2019 | MMU

Consecutively On the Dean's List

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

2016-2018 | elc International School

9A*s in 9 Subjects

Mathematics, First Language English, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, History, Malay


  • AtlasHack 2021 Finalist and Bounty Challenge Winner March 2021

    Built an auto-routing technician dispatch PWA using React.js (Ant Design), Node.js (Express) and MongoDB.

  • RHBHack 2021 Finalist and Special Challenge Winner June 2021

    Built an NLP-based credit profile analysis platform

  • KUMON Mathematics Completer August 2016

    Completed KUMON Maths, ranking 6th out of completers in the age group in the country at the age of 13

  • Chairperson and Debater

    Won outstanding delegate awards and chaired in various Model UN conferences, often at the national level